What People are Saying
Here is what some of the parents and teachers have written about our students:

Brance's Dad:  "Marital arts has helped Brance be courteous to others in our family.  He has a better sense of balance. also it helps me feel confident that when a stranger is near, he will know what to do!"

Triniti's Mom:  "She has learned to say 'yes sir' and 'no sir' to parents and other authority figures.  She has also learned what to do when confronted with strangers.  Overall, she has developed more responsibility and respect for others."

Jay's Dad:  "Jay has learned to deal with his frustration better.  He has improved his behavior at home and at school.  He has also increased his respectful behavior to others and to his family."

Kadence's Mom:  "Kadence has been doing a lot better at home - I only have to tell her once to do something."

Dustin's Mom:  "It has tremendously helped his self esteem and it gives him goals to strive for."

Faith's Dad:  "Faith is a stronger, more confident 7 year old.  She is assertive, polite and shows respect."
Preston's Mom:  "Preston has demonstrated a deeper respect for teachers, instructors and other adults.  He has learned community safety measures for children."

Abby's Mom:  "Abby is a stronger person.  She stands up for herself now."

Sebastian's Mom:  "Sebastian has learned how to use self control & it has helped him to be a little more outgoing.  It has also helped him with improving his self confidence.  Thanks for all you do!''

Amber's Mom:  ''Martial arts has helped Amber learn to defend herself if she needs to, and to help other people help themselves.''

Ryan's Teacher:  ''Ryan is a very kind and polite boy.  He always uses his manners and is very respectful!''

Blake's Dad:  ''It has made him more respectful, improved his self confidence and kept him active.''

Taven's grandma:  ''It has helped him keep from being bullied and it is helping with coordination & fitness.  He is respectful to others and has a better attitude.''

Nick's Mom:  ''Nick has become much more self-confident since joining Denison Family Karate.  I am very pleased with the fact that he is not afraid to try new things and he has overcome much of his shyness."

Dal's Mom:  ''He strives for perfection.  He takes pride in his karate.  Karate makes him feel good about himself.''

Jarrett's teacher:  "Jarrett is very respectful of his teachers.  He works very hard and does a wonderful job in class."

Luke's dad:  ''It has allowed Luke to experience what hard work is mentally and physically.  It has shown what continuous practice will help a person to achieve.''

Ethan's mom:  ''His temper has improved a lot as well as his focus.''

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8th Degree Black Belt
With more than 30 years as a karate instructor, Mr Perez is a 8th degree black belt in American Tae Kwon Do. He received the 2004 award of "Instructor of the year" from A-kaTo, a credible five state Tae Kwon Do organization.
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