Open Your Mind

You may feel as though you know it all.  You may feel as though others have nothing to teach you.  You may even believe that a good education alone will take you where you want to go.  The reality is that there is always more to learn.

Even college graduates do not “know it all;” wisdom is not wrapped in a diploma.  People gain wisdom by living, not simply studying.  In fact, many successful people will state that it was not their educations that lead them to their greatest achievements; it was their openness to the world and the experience of life.  This does not mean that education is unimportant; rather, that it helps you make good choices as you absorb ideas from others.

Be open-minded, observe others, listen to what they say, and try to find value in their ideas.  Be open to the fact that everyone’s ideas are worthy of consideration.  You can learn valuable lessons from even the least likely people!  The world is full of opportunity, if your eyes and mind are open. Many people don’t like change; however, so they will pass on a good opportunity to avoid change.  Closing your mind in this manner is apt to stop you from achieving your goals.  By opening your mind to change, you open more doors.

Read books and magazines, scan the Internet and seek out new ways to learn.  Watch educational shows and motivational movies.  Join the martial arts, take extra classes, attend seminars and workshops and participate in extra-curricular activities.  The more you seek the more you will find.  When you open your mind; you maximize your growth.

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With more than 30 years as a karate instructor, Mr Perez is a 8th degree black belt in American Tae Kwon Do. He received the 2004 award of "Instructor of the year" from A-kaTo, a credible five state Tae Kwon Do organization.
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