Dealing with Disappointment

In everyday life, our friends, work, school and family can be sources of disappointment. No matter how much you try to avoid people or situations that are disappointing, some will always be beyond your control.

 The best way to cope with disappointment is to work on your attitude. If you have a negative attitude, for example, and always see “the glass as half empty,” then that attitude will most likely bring more disappointment. If you see “the glass as half full,” then you will have a more positive attitude, which can help you cope with disappointment more constructively.

 Answer the statements below with “true” or “false” to test how well you cope with disappointment.

 True or False:

T or F: If someone disappoints me,  I always calm myself before I react.

T or F: If it rains on a day that I planned to be outdoors, I enjoy my day, anyway.

T or F: When I am down, I lean on a friend or family member to help me feel more positive.

T or F: If an item of mine is lost or breaks,  I don’t dwell on the fact that I no longer have it.

 If you answered “true” to all of the statements above, then you have a positive outlook on life and cope with disappointment in a constructive manner. If you answered “false” to any of the questions above, then you may want to practice the following key tips.

 1.      Instead of reacting too quickly. Take a moment to calm yourself and think about why you’re disappointed; you may come to realize that it is not so bad.

2.      Instead of bottling up your emotions and feelings. Lean on a good friend or family member when necessary. Discuss why you’re disappointed and move forward.

3.      Instead of judging yourself, learn from the mistake how to become a better person. You are not a failure if you are willing to learn and grow from your mistakes.

 Remember, coping with disappointment is not easy for everyone. It does take practice. If you are willing to use thought and effort when dealing with disappointment, then you will live a happier and healthier life.  NAPMA

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