Be The Best You Can Be!

The martial arts are made of ancient principles,
combined with modern applications. Even in a modern world, where many martial
arts systems have become eclectic and where words like “Mixed Martial Arts” have
become synonymous with what the martial arts represents, there are age-old
philosophies that still ring true today.

Ten Philosophies of Greatness

1.  Always be open minded - Be ready to learn from any experience.
2.  Always work hard to achieve greatness - Never settle for mediocrity.
3.  Never expect - Always strive to deserve. Never assume that you are owed results.
4.  If it it too easy, it may not be worth it - Don't look for the easy way to your goals, hard work pays off in the end.
5.  Don't compare, everyone is different - Don't try to do what the person next to you is doing.  You are your own person; you should work on you and you only
6.  Be patient - Don't sweat the small stuff.  Put everything in perspective
7.  Be compassionate - Realize that everyone has agendas.  Try to put yourself in others' shoes.
8.  Be loving - Treat others as you would treat your family.  We tend to be more patient with people we know rather than perfect strangers.
9.  Be strong - Don't shy away from hard work or tasks that are difficult.  Strengthen your spirit, body and mind.
10. Be healthy - Treat your body as your temple.  ''Everything in moderation'' and always be careful about what you eat and drink and how much you rest.

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8th Degree Black Belt
With more than 30 years as a karate instructor, Mr Perez is a 8th degree black belt in American Tae Kwon Do. He received the 2004 award of "Instructor of the year" from A-kaTo, a credible five state Tae Kwon Do organization.
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